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Logan Paul gives Combatics a shot (video below)

Logan Paul in action at Combatics Training.

Combat Tactics Training



Logan Paul is one of the world's most successful YouTube entrepreneurs. He is a confident (cocky) young (24 at the time), fun (undeniably so), fit (works out daily), fighter (semi-semi-pro), who can be a bit crass (language warning), but despite all of his tremendous success, is Logan Paul the man he thinks he is, or the man he wants to be? 

Logan Paul's early January 2020 visit to Combatics Training, reveals who he truly is...

Hands-on instruction focused on particular client needs, for beginners, CCW trainees, and advanced, induced-stress combat readiness courses.



 Featured in May 2018 SWAT Magazine

Can YouTuber Logan Paul prevail at Combatics?



Prepare to prevail in combat - no matter where it might occur... or, just prepare to have fun.

Our instruction is based on our more than 100 years of tactical experience in elite law enforcement agencies and tier one military units.


Our full-spectrum firearms range w/ integrated obstacles

and rappelling/fast-roping/ shooting tower, offers a truly unique training experience.