Hostile encounters can take place anywhere, and at any time. In recent years we have all witnessed homes, schools, churches, malls, movie theaters, bars, sporting events, entertainment venues, and many other ordinary and familiar places transformed into unwitting combat zones, where innocent lives were lost in horrific tragedies. Unfortunately, it will happen again... How ready are you for that eventuality?

Organizations and groups routinely seek out opportunities for Team Building and Confidence Building for their clients, volunteers, or employees. Combat Tactical Training is the perfect venue to provide a wide variety of activities which can greatly enhance one's feeling of personal achievement, increase ones intestinal fortitude, and help promote the conquering of a wide array of phobias, in a safe environment with well trained, supportive professionals.

Learning to overcome fears and learning to deal with physical exertion are two reasons why Combat Tactics Training includes height obstacles and challenges. If the thought of dangling off the edge of a four-story building terrifies you, then perhaps it's time you confronted that challenge, while doing so in a safe, supportive environment, rather than in an emergency scenario you cannot control. 

Unparalleled Tactical Versatility

It's one thing to engage a target from a known distance and do so accurately. It's an entirely different experience to accurately dispatch multiple targets, at varying distances, with no-shoot targets in the line of fire, while your heart is pounding from sprinting uphill, leaping over logs, climbing 30' up a cargo net, fast-roping 30' down to the ground, and then engaging more targets, and remembering to use positions of cover, all while trying to beat the clock.

Maybe you've never rappelled or fast-roped before, and can't imagine why you might need to know how. The fact is you never know what skills you might need to survive an exigent situation, until you are in that situation. Most people have plenty of skill sets they don't need or use every day. The problem comes when you realize that you desperately need a capability that you don't have. Besides that, it's challenging, and fun!