One-of-a-kind Facility


Most firearms training facilities offer one-dimensional, level, docile, and boring shooting opportunities. Standing in a straight line and engaging targets might have been good preparation for 1860's style Civil War battles, but it's no way to prepare for an armed encounter today. 

The Bridge Tower

Standing four stories tall and sixty feet across, the centerpiece of the Combat Tactics Training Course offers clients a unique integration of a wide variety of shooting, cardio, obstacle course challenges, and tactical skill-sets into a singular training environment.

The Tactical Gauntlet Course

Induced-Stress-Shooting replicates the physical challenges experienced in combat, in order to best prepare for that eventuality. Learning to overcome and counter the adverse effects of significantly increased heart-rate, diminished dexterity, enhanced adrenaline flow, and physical fatigue, are the hallmarks of Combat Tactics Training.

Firearms Training Simulations System
Combat Tactics Training's facility includes a classroom/cleaning room adjacent to the range. CTT can also offer a state-of-the-art projected simulation scenario system, which provides countless hours of challenging, realistic, life-changing, interactive encounters, sure to put your undies in a bundle regardless if you're someone who has never handled a weapon before, or you have extensive combat experience.


​about us


Combat can occur anytime or anywhere. Though it's expected to take place on the battlefields of Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, it can also occur in your local school, mall, church, or in your own home.

Combat Tactics Training's mission is to help as broad a spectrum of people as possible to begin, or enhance, their skills and competency with firearms. CTT  came to be via the life experiences of our founders who have worked in the most hostile environments in the world, as inner-city police officers, FBI and DEA counter-narcotics and counter-terrorism agents, Special Operations warriors, and CIA Operators.

​Our clients have ranged from first-time shooters through 3-star generals. Regardless of your level of skill or level of physicality, you will be challenged by the Combat Tactics Training Course, because the training iterations are catered to you.

This is not one-size-fits-all training. Moveable shoot and no-shoot targets allow for increased difficulty levels, while the integration of ropes, logs, walls, obstacles, bridges, cargo nets, and other physical challenges allows for fighting through fatigue, while engaging a variety of confirmed-hit targets, all while maintaining sound tactics from positions of cover.

Home Defense
Having a weapon in your home or place of business can bring peace of mind in the event someone tries to interrupt your way of life.  Knowing how and when to deploy a weapon is critical to making sure the outcome of a potentially violent encounter ends entirely in your favor - as well as the inevitable aftermath.

Concealed Carry Training

Choosing to exercise your right to carry a concealed weapon brings with it the responsibility to be prepared to use that weapon when and if the need arises. Typical qualifications courses involve familiarity with gun handling, but with little or no emphasis on combat tactics. Combat Tactics Training is just that, and nothing but that.  If you own a gun, carry a gun, or are considering doing so, be prepared, get trained, be ready!  

It is impossible to know when, where, and how you might find the need to employ a firearm in self defense, or in defense of others, so it is best to prepare for any and all eventualities.

Advanced Multi-Weapons Training

We aren’t feng shui experts, but we know how to design a training curriculum and facility that optimizes the benefits to the user.

Engaging targets with accuracy is only a small part of the big picture of prevailing in an armed encounter. Use of cover, tactical movement - forward, rearward, upward, or downward - reloading under stress, transitioning from one weapons system to another, etc, are all necessary skill sets which can mean the difference between life and death in the event of hostilities.

SWAT and Special Teams Training 
Combat Tactics Training's facility is available for use by local, state, and federal law enforcement or military agencies, for team tryouts and selection courses, and regularly-scheduled team training.

CTT can provide tactical instructors, range safety officers, or simply lease the use of our facilities as an alternative to the team's customary training site. 

Team Building and Group Challenge Events

Combat Tactics Training can provide a custom event package for your group or organization, with just the right level of challenge, fear, and fun for the entire group.

Whether it's our state-of-the-art firearms training simulations system, plinking at targets, high-speed combat movement, obstacle course challenges, rappelling, or fast-roping, there are plenty of opportunities for a memorable and enjoyable time at Combat Tactics Training.